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Silvia Pezzola was born in a pleasant Tuscan town some years ago ( it's not so polite to reveal the age of a woman...)
The very first steps into the world of photography were made thanks to her father. He is a photographer in his free time. She began shooting every time she was able to steal her father's camera until she was given her first own underwater Minolta camera.
Since then she began to photograph everything she could, with a growing desire to understand that strange object, able to impress images rather than sensations until, as it was predictable, she gave up shooting due her problems as a teen!
Apart from some shootings during her holidays, she hung up her photo bag to the coat hanger.
She met the wonderful photographic world again when she had to buy a new digital camera for her honey moon.... and it was an increasing, even if still unconscious, love.
The idyll blossomed when she upgraded from a compact camera to a digital reflex camera. This was the changing: she realized she possessed an object able to impress on paper the sensation of the moment and this became her aim.
She tries to take photos not only for a mere "click" but in order to spread emotions and sensations either to the absent ones or to those who where there but couldn't see....

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